At OSCURO we work collaboratively with our clients to produce distinguished content that targets today's diverse audiences. As a full-service creative agency, some of our specialties include art direction, concept development, motion graphics, branding, web design, UX/UI, SEM, mobile apps, and rich media campaigns.


We've had the opportunity to work with some extraordinary brands, including: Smithsonian, Spotify, UCSF, Estee Lauder, Red Bull and many others. Working with a wide range of clients across health, education, lifestyle, arts, and fashion allows us to identify successful new ideas from one industry and reboot them in another.


We were born of the desire to create a unique and immersive digital experience for brands, institutions, and startups. We combine creative thinking, design, and technology to help our clients excel in their spaces by creating exceptionally beautiful work that drives business growth, strengthens audience, and elevates prestige.


We start by creating transitional and holistic strategies based on client-specific key insights. Our Strategy team works collaboratively with our clients to uncover their objectives and establish strategic roadmaps designed to achieve success.

Content Creation

We believe in the importance of high quality content to influence and drive results on the Web. From social media and editorial to digital ad campaigns, our team will develop efficient content strategies for your web and mobile devices.

Concept Development

We are experts in digital communication. Our team of strategists and designers will work with you to efficiently bring your digital concepts to life.

Creative Direction

With our client's needs in mind, our creative team will conceive and implement concepts and guidelines in your creative projects and oversee them to completion.

SEM Consulting

While deploying the latest strategies, our expert team of SEM/SEO marketers will propel your brand to the top of search engines, establishing your brand as a leader in the marketplace.

Brand Positioning

Through careful research, our branding team will create an original impression and find your place in the market in order to drive customer engagement and enhance your brand’s reputation.


Our Creative team works collectively to shape digital experiences that influence perceptions, encourage behavior, and transform brands. We constantly innovate new means of expressing the client's core competencies in ingeniously creative ways.

Art Direction

Always remaining true to our client's brand, our creative team of graphic designers and artists will work to achieve a comprehensive system of visually impactful work that enriches and enhances your brand's image.

Brand Identity

At OSCURO, we understand the value of establishing a consistent and well-defined brand identity for our clients. With the expertise of our branding team, we will help you define your personality, position, and goals in order to become a unique competitor in your market.

Motion Graphics

By digitally integrating productions across web and mobile platforms, our collaborative team of directors, designers, producers and artists will create multi-faceted campaigns of powerful visual experiences.


Keeping our client’s digital goals in mind, our detail-oriented team of developers and designers will work together to create engaging digital user experiences that optimize your site's usability and performance.


As experienced digital natives, we will employ industry best practices to produce responsive and innovative websites across different platforms to drive traffic and boost our client's business.


Digital technology means something unique to each business. We identify new strategies and build solutions for the ever-changing landscape of digital technology. As a result, we are uniquely equipped to catalyze and implement impactful digital transformations across your business.

App Development

At the forefront of digital communication, our team of mobile developers and designers will craft a scalable app design framework to allow your brand to reach its audiences with the touch of a fingertip.

Content Management System

We believe in efficiency and usability of all our digital products. Our team will integrate a completely customized content management system that will allow you to easily update, track, and manage every piece of content on your digital site.


By leveraging our knowledge of multi-channel marketing, our team of marketers and strategists will test and monitor your website traffic in order to optimize your customer acquisiton and rention.

Front & Back-End Engineering

Our team of creative and technical front and back-end engineers will work to develop elegant code that enhances your digital platform's usability by simplifying complex information into an innovative customer experience.

Web Applications

Whether as a stand-alone product or a complimentary application to your site, our team will develop rich design-to-code web applications that enhance the usability and interaction of your digital products.


NEW YORK, NY 10013



OSCURO is a multifaceted, full-service creative agency that builds brand experiences and advanced digital campaigns for web & mobile devices. Headquartered in New York City, OSCURO uses in-house creative and technical talent, while maintaining close working relationships with top freelance professionals to offer a full range of marketing, branding, and development services. Never “one-size fits all,” at OSCURO, we develop strategic, scalable solutions to meet the unique needs of our diverse clients and anticipate future challenges.

As an independent company, we value long-term relationships. We care about the holistic experience and share our methodology with clients and colleagues to spark conversations and elevate our community. Reach us at with comments, suggestions, and inquiries.